We offer consulting services to a diverse range of clients in various industries. Some of our important practice areas are listed below.

The Nature of our Forensic Agricultural Consulting Practice

We are often called on to investigate the cause and extent of crop, landscape and turf problems. In most cases we are called soon after a problem occurs, but at times we are asked to piece together the evidence months or years after an incident.  Often we are called in to do a complete investigation culminating with depositions and court appearances as an expert witness.  We have also testified in mediations and arbitrations.  Most cases are settled prior to a court appearance being necessary.
Our clients include attorneys, insurance claim managers or litigation managers, pesticide applicators, growers, insurance adjusters, chemical companies, other private consultants, commodity groups, irrigation districts, cities, etc.

Most of our business comes from California.  We also have consulted in Arizona, Georgia, Hawaii, Texas, and Oregon. 

In common terms, our job is to determine what happened, why it happened, and how much the damages are.

Crop, Turf and Landscape Loss Investigations

We determine the cause(s) of problems providing detailed documentation, sample collection and interpretation of results, determination of additional consultants needed and report writing.  We are often asked to calculate the monetary loss associated with our cases and consult with Agricultural Economists when necessary.

Expert Testimony

We have often appeared in court as an expert after investigating crop loss cases.   We make no distinction between working for Plaintiffs or Defendants.  Our job is to find out what happened and why it happened.   Our opinions and testimony will be the same regardless of the client.

Typical Case Investigations

Soil Problems, Plant Diseases, Herbicide Damage, Insect Infestation, Fertilizer Damage, Storage Problems, Irrigation Problems, Water Chemistry Problems, Crop Value, Crop Quality, Fire Damage, Seed Problems, Weather Related Damage, Weed Infestations, Non-performance of chemicals.


Our consultants have conducted extensive research related to post-harvest disease prevention, fungicide trials, disease detection, and crop production and management.

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